Thursday, April 29, 2010

Working in my Sleep!

I've been putting these little scarves together, and having a rather fun time doing it. I'm really tickled with how all the colours play with each other. I've got two more that are ready for photos and etsy. One with a multicolour edging, and one with a pink.
I can't read crochet patterns. Mind you, I've never tried terribly hard! I'm sure if I dusted off my "crochet and knitting for dummies" I'd be able to work my way through it. All the short forms and numbers frazzle my brain. Seriously. Bzzt Bzzt poof.

It's a beautiful day out. I opened the door a few moments ago to get the newspaper out of the mailbox. I slept all day. Yes, that's completely out of character. But, I worked my body too hard starting Monday morning. Shovelling dirt, doing the yard, laundry, dusting and cleaning and hauling out garbage, that by Wednesday morning, my body had had it.

"Here! Here's a head cold - maybe that'll slow you down a bit." It did.

While I napped today, I had a new Associate join my team, though. A nice lady from Newfoundland.

So, even though I napped, it still feels like I got something accomplished. hehe.

Happy... uh, what day is it again? Thursday!

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