Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Last Hour is ALWAYS Wasted.

The kidlings are hand delivered to school and sent off with a smooch. I arrive back home and decide what I'm working on for the day.

Sewing, Watkins, painting, fart around on Facebook at lunch, pick a room to tidy (they're never all clean at once, and you'll always be able to tell which room was "today's" room.) embroidery, go for a walk, dolls, miniatures...

But, the last hour before picking up kidlings is ALWAYS wasted. I get weird about time, and am always worried that if I get immersed in something, I'll miss the pick up time. So, the last hour is almost always spent dancing around to playlist favourites, eating things I shouldn't (Today's "I shouldn't" was the last Drumstick Icecream cone in the freezer. At least the kids won't be fighting over it!) and pretty much puttering around watching the clock. I do this almost every day, and I'm really annoying myself. I have a thing about being late.

Perhaps I should start setting the alarm on the microwave, because there's so much I could accomplish in this last hour.

But, then I would forget to do things like seek chocolate out and dance around the kitchen. And those things are pretty important, after all...

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