Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In The Mailbox - Cabbage Patch Goodness!!

Mail box goodies! Yesterday, I got a few more packages that I've been waiting for! A packet of Cabbage Patch Kid iron on transfers! These will be used on some special clothing and other sewing items. They were packed SO well, I had to cafefully use scissors to get through the tape. Sweet!
Plus, The clothing I ordered arrived today. I bought them from a woman who I've "met" on Facebook. We tried to pick them up in person, but got lost, and then ran out of time, so she mailed them to me. What a sweetie!! As soon as I unwrapped them, however, my littlest pixies promptly brought me HER kid, and it's now wearing them. (She's been warned however, that I'll be taking them back when my new boy-child arrives!)

I'm SO hoping that they get here TODAY! I'm awaiting on the Brown loopy haired boy, and the corn silk red headed girl. I'm so ANXIOUS! I've got a few outfits made, but none that I'm happy enough with to sell. The first time I do a pattern, there are always learning curves.

In other news, my back is ALMOST better. What was, for the last month, a nearly paralizing pain by the end of the night (my whole right side from shoulder to foot would be in pain!) has all but dissappeared. My step mom called me, after reading about my need for xrays and bloodwork to see if I were ok...I chatted with her while in bed on my back at 8:30 to tell Dad not to worry, I just have to take it easy. The next morning, the pain has been reduced to a "quarter sized" pain in my back.. no more up to the shoulder, no more down to the toes... So, now the plan is to continue to take it easy, but do some gentle quiet yoga and knee strengthening exercises, and wait to see what the rest of the tests say..

But, my point is, my step mom has some SERIOUS magic going on. I know she says her prayers every night for all of us kids, but she must have put a little extra sumpin-sumpin in there for me after we talked.

Littlest pixie is home today with coughs and runny nose. Yesterday, the Elder pixie was home too, (not because she was sick, but that the logistics of keeping one and delivering one were impossible.) We worked on the doll house yesterday, and we're going to continue on with their rooms today.

Happy Wednesday!!

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