Monday, April 12, 2010

The Fifty Dollar Doll Shirt.

It should NOT take 5 hours to sew a DOLL shirt. It just should NOT.

Granted, an hour of that was probably me trying to figure out the pattern, and fishing out elastics that just KEPT getting stuck in the casings, and ripping stitches... but, still... TOO LONG!

I've made 2 of the overalls, and they were just fine. Smooth sailin'... This little shirt is giving me headaches. Plus, it doesn't have real button holes for the buttons. You sew the buttons on, then hand stitch VELCRO bits to the inside of the shirt, under the buttons. I think I'm going to do REAL BUTTON HOLES on the next one, because I swear it would be easer than hand stitching itty bitty velcro bits.

I'm sure the next one I do will be easier. There's always a period of learning when facing a new pattern, and then you have to throw in the itty bitty seam allowances when doing doll clothes.. but really..

5 hours??

I tend to think of hours in terms of wages... That would make this doll shirt a $50 dollar doll shirt.

I need a nap.

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