Thursday, April 15, 2010

Introducing ALEX ANDER

Lookie Lookie who's arrived!!!

I want to name him Alejandro... But, I think he's more an Alex Ander. Plus, that's easier for the girls to say! (I'll still call him Alejandro, quietly when no one's listening. lol.)

In the pic I bought him from, it wasn't apparent that he had a "soother-mouth" or Pacifier face, but that's just ok with me! This is the #4 head mould.

Now, the poor punkin DOES have a few "pox".. they are difficult to see, in the pic AND in real life. Again, not too terribly worried about them. This doll is going to be loved as well as being a clothing model.

The P on the tag indicates this little fella was made in china, and IS from one of the factories that is known to develop the pox.

The Green signature on his bottom indicates he was manufactured in 1984. some of the '84 ones had signatures, some did not. This guy doesn't!

And here he is, dressed in the outfit that arrived before him! I'm working on the second shirt, and am going to make him a full sized jumper. Now, we're just waiting on his little red headed sister to arrive!

Sweet. The mail delivery fellah must have been so confused about my bouncing around in the door, and eye-glistening "Thank you!!!"

Life is Good.

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