Friday, April 30, 2010

Life is Good - Are you New Here?

So, I completely forgot that I had been running a facebook ad, and that about 30 new people a day have been checking out the blog! Holy moly!

HELLO to all you new readers who have stumbled in. The picture on the Facebook ad is a large painting I did about a year ago. As of tomorrow, there will be a small piece of mine hanging in a juried art show in my town (I think they are actually getting the pieces together later in the week for hanging.)

Today I feel normal after a 24ish hour bout with head cold - brought on by lugging dirt and popping dandilions and generally overworking my body to exhaustion. Silly Me.

However, I have a few new people who joined my team during my illness, and have decided to start a business with Watkins! (142 year old company - I've got links all over the place, if you're curious.) I marvel, sometimes, how a high-school educated mom of 3 (That would be ME.) is doing so well with this. I think it's drive. Where else would I have the ability to earn like this, and be home with the kids, and be able to do all the fun stuff I do?

So, the raised garden boxes from a few posts earlier still are half full, and I'm still babying the seeds, praying that everything comes up OK. Tomorrow after I drop off the art at the gallery, I'll probably continue lugging the soil into the boxes.

Then, I think I'm going to feel like sewing. I haven't made a sock doll in a while! I finished the scarf above a few days ago, and finally put it on etsy.

Be sure to "Follow" me if you are new! I'm gearing up to do a giveaway next week (for Canadians and US only!) and you don't want to miss it!!!

Happy Friday,

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