Monday, April 26, 2010

Dirt. Yum.

Here we have some fancy fancy boxes that I drilled ALL BY MYSELF. What I lack in carpentry skills, I make up for in creativity. 3" wood screws, a borrowed drill, and a silent prayer.

My sweetheart bought us a pile 'o Black and Decker Bits and fiddly things. We borrowed a drill from his dad, when we realized ours didn't work. After getting over my initial fear of the drill (damn, that's fast. And loud. And I'm glad it's OUR bits I'm stripping.) I plunked them together in the side driveway, then called him away from WOW to help me carry them into the yard. And then he made us lunch. (These are the roles we are comfy with. I dig in the dirt and fix the yard, you make the food. I like the system.)

The wood is untreated, and I bought them as 2"x10"x10' ... and had the wonderfully helpful shop-man (who made no secret that he wanted to escape for Friday Beers) cut 3' off the end of each and loaded them into my mothers vehicle.

Mom paid for $40 of it (this is the wood I requested for my birthday!), I made up the rest which was about $35.

Today, HER beloved is coming with the truck to take me to the transfer station, to buy dirt. The best, darkest soil - as our town has been running a green bin compost program for about a year (??) alongside the blue bin recycling program and they turn it into the nicest black stuff ever. For the fine fine price of $20 a truckload, you too could buy dirt.

The truckload, according to "Opa's" estimates, will fill my little circle under the maple tree, and 2 of the boxes. (The maple has nowhere to grow, as less than a foot under the soil is rock and garbage, so it's roots are exposed inside the circle. There are some hostas and lilies that try to make the best of it under there every year. This year I'm helping them all out a little with 3" of soil.

They just called to tell me the transfer station DOES indeed take debit card (amazing) and that he's bringing me coffee to boot!!!

Life is Good.

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