Monday, April 19, 2010

Tomorrow I've completed 36 years...

So, tomorrow I'll be 36. Which means I'll have finished 36 years, and be starting my 37th...

(Think on it... you're born, and when you finish your first year, they say you are "one." From the moment you are "one", you are living your second year... Mind blowing, I know.)

So, I'll be "36", but beginning my 37th year. And, damn, I'm pretty pleased with how I'm holding up. Hahaha.
I've had my short hair for about a month now.. and I STILL like it. Hehe. So much of how I defined myself was wrapped up in all that hair. (For those of you just joining me, I cut about 20 inches off, although there were some layers.) I ALWAYS had long hair, except for when my son was born (cut it all off!) and then when my daughter was born (again, something about the giving birth thing..) Other than that, it grows to waist length in about 2 years.

But, I like the definition of me, even without all the hair. I fit in my pants, and feel good in my skin, and feel excited about life everyday. The 30's have been very very good to me.

My step mom tells me it just gets better and better, and that if I'm impressed by my 30's, just wait to see how awesome the 40's are!

Life is Good.

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In the Light of the Moon said...

Life Is Good!and I like your hair ( : Happy Birthday!Warmest Regards,Cat