Friday, April 9, 2010

Good Stuff in my Mail box - and all around my Work Table...

Oh, sweet yummyness. TWO packages in the mail for me today, which made me very very happy.

I order my craft tags from a wonderful lady with a wonderful etsy shop, MommieMadeIt . Look how this package arrived. The plastic is biodegradable... and look the cute paper doll and clothing included. WICKED.

Sheets of Little Scotia tags for my doll clothing and soft dollies... and some NEW Vintage Witch ones for the bags and aprons, and what ever else I want to use them for!!! I got a lower rate, as they aren't cut. Sweetness.

I'm super excited about the Vintage Witch ones, as I've been making bags like mad, but putting off the aprons, waiting for these tags to arrive!

The other package is a Cabbage Patch Kid clothing pattern I've been dying to get. I quickly finished up the pixies dresses so I could start cutting and working on these items. There's SO much potential for creativity with these basic pieces! Woot!

I'm also waiting on another pattern, some CPK official clothing, and two babies!

By the way, this is what creativity looks like in my life. It's dark, but it's an accurate representation... I work in front of the window, because it's dark in here! I need to dig out a light. I'll never have one of those neat Ikea-like work spaces... I like to see it ALL at once! hehe.

Yes, under the table is STUFFED with stuff, too.

Happy Friday!!

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