Sunday, February 28, 2010

Voodoo Doll.

A friend of mine forwarded a little pic of a voodoo doll and says "I want one. Can you make one for me? But, give it some personality." I love a good challenge. I started thinking about how I would start, and then continued with the dolls I'm currently making.

While I was downstairs looking for materials for the dolls, 7 rubbermaid totes later, I came across a doll body I had made, and abandoned. It was supposed to be a sweet little doll, but my measurements came out wrong, and the poor thing had tiny little legs and a lumpy body. So sad, it's sat down there for 2 years, until today, when I squealed "Eureka!"

Voodoo doll half finished!

This is the first time I've painted a doll (acrylic with a fabric textile additive) and I was really groovin' on the whole process. Although, I think I need to add some safety pins to it, for good measure.

This is just going to lead me into crazy new places with my dolls. I've ordered more labels, because I think I only have a few left, and I've been on overdrive with the sewing.

This is also the first time I've tried something spooooky.

I've also run out of polyester fiberfill... so, after the doll was done (and I painted a pile more faces and dolls) I got out a canvas, and did some of that, too.

It's been a very creative day!


P.S. I decided NOT to sign the doll... just incase ..hehe

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Can Buy EYES Online If You Wannoo??? YaH!

Ok, they aren't people parts... But they ARE going to be a part of all of my fluffy little creations!

I finally got my buns in gear to get some safety eyes (and everytime you say "safety eyes" you MUST say it like you are saying "safety DANCE!" and kick a "yaH!" in there. And Do the little arm move. Every time. Try it now. mwhahaha)

I've been using beads and buttons, which ARE cute, but many of my customers are parents buying something for their kids at market - so I want to make sure they have some choices with the Safety Eyes "yaH!"

I mean, they are adorable, and I"ve had some friends request them for their adults selves (because mostly, my friends are big kids pretending to be adults. That's probably why they are my friends in the first place. But, adults don't need Safety Eyes "yaH!")

I got some plain black Safety Eyes!
Some multi colour Safety Eyes!
Green Safety Eyes! (YaH!)
Safety eyes... Safety eyes... it's SAFETY EYES..

Forgive Me. It's early. And I entertain easily. Bwahahahhaha. I've totally overkilled this jest with my sweetheart already, dancing around the house, making up lyrics. "We can craft if we want to..."

And, You can buy eyes if you wannoo... at 6060's shop:

On another note, the Steamer I earned free with my Watkins rewards points from THIS NOTE arrived yesterday. I thought it was my product order and catalogues arriving, but was happily surprised that it's here. Our garden veggies (and the veggies from my sweetie's parents garden ) will be SO yummy in this. I was going through the little book, and there are intructions for doing EGGS in it! "boiled" eggs in a steamer. The kids are pretty excited about that.

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

9 Jewellery Boxes to Heal The Soul

Today, I've gotten out the collection of old jewellery boxes, and I'm going to start the long and creative process that is transforming them. Today feels right, and last nights before-bed read inspired me.

I read this quote last night from my Seat Of The Soul , this is one of my favourite books - and it shows. The poor thing has to be glued back together. Page 86. Gary Zukov presents his thoughts in words and paragraphs that are SO well crafted, that you'll move from one thought to another in the most beautiful flowing way. This book really helped me heal.

"Intuition serves creativity. It tells you what book to buy for your project. It tells you where to meet the colleague that you need to meet, and which ideas from another. It is the hunch that a certain painting shuld be done in grey, and that another should be done in purple. It is the sense that an idea that has never been tried before might work."
"Intuition seves inspiration."

I love getting lost in my craft. It's meditative, and fulfilling, and just plain makes me feel happy and thankful.

So, today, I will listen to vinyl, and work on these jewellery boxes, and think on how much fun the summer Market is going to be with these beauties on my table!

Monday, February 22, 2010

FREE $30 gift certificate!

What What? $30 gift certificate free? How does one GET that?

Become a Watkins associate with me, even at the $39.99 level (use it to start your own home business, or just to get the associate discount similar to a Costco or Price Club.) and recieve a $30 gift certificate to use on the products you'd like for your home!

What what? What do you mean you haven't heard of Watkins? We're turning 142 this year, we're chock full of Certified Natural and organic choices (personal care, cleaning, gourmet, OH MY!) and If you live in the US or Canada, I bet your Mom or Granny remembers The Watkins Man visiting to deliver Cinnamon, Vanilla, and traditional home remedies.

Work the business doing sales.
Work the business WITHOUT doing sales. (I can show you.)
Just get the discount for yourself.

We're flexible that way.

What what? You wanna take a peek, because you're curious. (Like a Monkey!)

You can do that here.

Loooove, Lori.

P.S. The FREE E-Associate site offer, the one worth $124.80, expires in SIX days.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Hero's and Yoda's Grand kid.

Look! He's a happy little Alien. I think he's related to Yoda somehow. But, like, Yoda's grandkid, who you know is going to end up being fabulous in some club filled with loud music and not listen to grand daddy's wisdom.

This little super dude is HAPPY! Every time I look at him, I start singing The Greatest American Hero theme song... I will be making him a CAPE soon.

Why are all my monkeys coming out more "gansta" than "aww, cutie pie" ?? Despite her embroidered felt heart, this chick looks dangerous. Maybe it's the beadie little eyes.

I'm going to have the awesomest Market Booth EVAR!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Don't see ANYTHING.

What? What's that? No, I don't see a monkey on the couch. What are you talking about? I"m looking right there.. Where? Yes, that's exactly where I'm looking, too. And I don't see a monkey. Are you feeling ok?

Wow, that's a well camouflaged monkey.

(yeah, I entertain me. I work from home doing THIS so I can play from home with dolls. Good times.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I decided it's high time to do my first give away. It was hard to figure out what to do, though. I write about crafting, the miniatures, and my home business, and I wanted it to be something that appealed to all. I think this is a happy mix!

Up for grabs, is this spiral bound "Simplicity's Simply the Best Sewing Book". The sprial bound is nice, because it'll lay nice and flat while you practice sewing away. Chapters include *Sewing for Today (and when they say today, they mean 1988!)*Pattern Savvy * A buyers guide to fabrics and notions *The easy way to a perfect fit * The Universal Basics *Simply the Best Sewing Techniques * A wardrobe for all seasons *Just for babies *For the home.

So, although the nostalgic 80's pictures might make you wanna party like it's 1999, there are a lot of other great chapters with how-to's and information that will be very useful if you are a beginner, or need a refresher, or want to learn something new with sewing. 254 pages.

The other items that are coming to the winner of this give away are a set of Watkins Salt and Pepper shakers. They are ceramic, and made to look vintage, but are brand new, taken from the box for the pics!

Well, first thing you have to do is leave a comment (and add yourself to the "Hey Mikey, They Like Me!" if you have a blogger account. Only one comment, as I'll be using a random number generator to choose based on the comments recieved.

The second thing you have to do, is write a little blog with the link to this blog! "Hey, here's a contest I entered! Check it out!"

That sounds pretty simple!

I'm going to do the giveaway on the morning of February 28th, at noon EST.


Now, quick, post a comment, and go tell your friends :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surprise Freebies in the Mail!

Looky looky what arrived today.

Completely unexpected, I was confused when the delivery man knocked at the door (I always recognize his knock.) Because I'm not expecting anything today, or this week.

I recognized the labels right away, from my Summit Group leaders Steve and Ginny Bretske. Oh la la! So, cracking into it, there are some CD's, a DVD, and a book. Why did I get these??

I volunteered and qualified for some free training with our team. That was it. Free gifts for participting in some free training, that will make my business grow faster and stronger?

Now, that's a deal.

Squatters in the Dollhouse...

The dollhouse is sat on my hopechest (a wonderful piece of furniture that my father made me when I was 19.) The hopechest is the perfect size for it. The hopechest hovers over the heater vent, and sits in front of the front window. This, apparently, is the perfect spot for the cats. I heard that this can happen with houses in renovations... I have squatters in my dollhouse.

I'm going to have to devise some way of keeping them out, when we start filling this. Although the naughty idea of making a "cat" house, complete with red velvet walls and fringed hanging lamps made me giggle.
There were a million bazillion staples securing wallpaper and corrugated plastic on the walls, and holding the carpets in place. There were pieces of wood that had been intended to be an elevator, and a scary piece of wire stapled on that was supposed to be a carpeted stairway (which I had previously ripped off, but not entirely removed.

the bottom center and left room had it's carpet GLUED on, which was a cause for some sweat to remove - but the pixies and I managed. The entire stripping of the house took about 2 hours.

That was the easy part! I'm excited with the planning. The girls have already chosen "their" bedrooms, and I'll just have to work around the rest! (Because, dang it,I want one too!)

Oh, and I registered a new domain name for my business...

With thanks to a friend for helping me brainstorm it!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Can Love Your Sock Monkey, But You Can't LOoooVE Your Sock Monkey.

I've been making sock toys, again, with the intention of "stockpiling" for the summer markets. They are so much fun to make (Making them makes me happy in a simple way.) It'll be a bonus if they sell in the summer. If not, well, this is what you're getting for Yule from me :)

This guy looked a little mean, before I added the french-knots in the eyes, and the big pink felt heart.

This little dude came out looking like he was wearing a knit cap, and he's got a bit of a teenage attitude when I hold him...

Like "Yo, Mama, Be cool. Don't make me hang out with all these other baby monkeys - I'm too old for dat."

Love Monkeys for Valentines Day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Dollhouse Renovation BEGINS

So, about 2 years ago, I garage picked this dollhouse from the neighbours across the road. I know, I know, your not supposed to salvage from your own neighbourhood, but it was a DOLLHOUSE! Home made by the fellow who lived there, for his daughters when they were little.

The poor thing needed saving.

The Big Tall Teenager helped me get it out of the basement, and the girls and I are figuring out where to start. The walls seem structurally sound, although some of the window placements don't make me very happy. That can be fixed.

There are an immense amount of staples in this thing, and horrific carpet... the saga begins....

I Miss Green.

I was cruising around my photos, and found all these random photos I had taken while on little road excursions. I would just pop pop pop pics while my sweetie drove. And I realize... I really miss seeing grass. And sky. And Fields. And squirrels who look warm.

We live in cottage country - little towns divided by lots and lots of grass and trees and bush and fields. People come here in summer and fall and pay big bucks to do so, because it's so beautiful... in winter, however, not so much. It's cold. Really really cold. And usually there is A LOT more snow than we've been blessed with this year.

But still. The days are getting longer, and spring is in sight... but I really miss GREEN.

Busy day today, the little ones are off on a PD day, and they've got Monday off too. I forgot my teenager doesn't have the day off, and I booked a meeting today (with friends, for coffee, and a Watkins info drop off package.) so, they're going to come along, and we're going to pepper mommy's boring business :) with some adventure and fun...

Yay for super long weekends!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When Did It Become a Hobby?

I just love this little piece. I think that it's because of the little mirror. It's probably because it's the "realest" element in any of my miniatures. I love creating the furniture and rugs, art, etc... but I really envy the peices that REALLY look real. I'm also incredibly appreciative of my sweethearts camera, that takes pictures so prettily.

I've been making them for etsy, and my little dollhouse (once I do something, I like to make LOTS) using pretty papers and podge.

Podge is amazing stuff.

I'm wondering though, these little numbers, although they do well online, don't get much attention at the markets and tradeshows. So, I've decided, although I'll be bringing the dolls and jewellery to market, and promoting my Summit Group business, I think I'm going to leave the miniatures at home.

February is for creating, in my world! How about you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Three Months to Stockpile.

Right now I'm completely into making miniatures, (furniture and the little dolls) and sock dolls. I wish I had a studio, to spread out all my half finished projects... I like to SEE them. I cleared off an entire bookshelf, and told my sweetheart he could fill it with his books.. and it took me about a week to fill it with paints, half finished projects, and things for etsy...

On that note, I love Crafters Choice. Mainly, because I have a wicked crafting addiction that I must nourish constantly. They always have this special going, but I find that February is the month for me to get into it... spring is a month away, craft shows for me are 3 months away, so I've got 3 solid months for stockpiling. And now that I've hijacked the book shelf, I apparently have room for more...

Find books on beading, sewing, knitting, and more! Get 3 Fabulous Crafting Books for only $3! !

I've gotten many books from them that I've used in different ways. I tend to need to start with a pattern, and then I promptly personalize and change it.

Have a peek at all the new books they've got!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coffee Breaks when you Work from Home Happen in the BATH.

This week has been busy so far! I did a trade show on Sunday (which ended up being really really quiet, but I still got a few solid leads from it.) and yesterday, Watkins announced that they are giving away the E-Associate website for FREE to new associates who sign on in February. (Free set up, and 3 free months, which is $124.80 in freebies.)

I've been emailing people who had said they were interested, but weren't yet ready with the special - 150 emails (and more back and forth, and guiding people through the sign on process) I'm EXHAUSTED. I wonder how in the heck I did this ALL day in an office? Right after this, I'm taking a break - in a nice hot bath with a book! (not THAT'S my kind of coffee break. hehe.)

Last night was also a conference call - out of the over 5000 associates in our team, I was one of 53 who qualified for a special training. Basically, what you need to do to be earning $250,000 a year in the next 3-5 years. The people who do the call (our Summit Group leaders) are already DOING that amount every year, so it can be done. I'm all over that. Watch me Grow!

I've also been, in quiet moments, making SOCK dollies. They are the cutest ever. I just love doing them - however, my daughters keep claiming them before they are even finished... I'm looking forward to the day that they can make ME stuff... like dinner, and do the dishes after. For now, I just love that they appreciate my creative side and still think I'm "cool"..

I'll have to get some pics. For now, I hear a bath tub calling my name...