Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coffee Breaks when you Work from Home Happen in the BATH.

This week has been busy so far! I did a trade show on Sunday (which ended up being really really quiet, but I still got a few solid leads from it.) and yesterday, Watkins announced that they are giving away the E-Associate website for FREE to new associates who sign on in February. (Free set up, and 3 free months, which is $124.80 in freebies.)

I've been emailing people who had said they were interested, but weren't yet ready with the special - 150 emails (and more back and forth, and guiding people through the sign on process) I'm EXHAUSTED. I wonder how in the heck I did this ALL day in an office? Right after this, I'm taking a break - in a nice hot bath with a book! (not THAT'S my kind of coffee break. hehe.)

Last night was also a conference call - out of the over 5000 associates in our team, I was one of 53 who qualified for a special training. Basically, what you need to do to be earning $250,000 a year in the next 3-5 years. The people who do the call (our Summit Group leaders) are already DOING that amount every year, so it can be done. I'm all over that. Watch me Grow!

I've also been, in quiet moments, making SOCK dollies. They are the cutest ever. I just love doing them - however, my daughters keep claiming them before they are even finished... I'm looking forward to the day that they can make ME stuff... like dinner, and do the dishes after. For now, I just love that they appreciate my creative side and still think I'm "cool"..

I'll have to get some pics. For now, I hear a bath tub calling my name...

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