Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Can Buy EYES Online If You Wannoo??? YaH!

Ok, they aren't people parts... But they ARE going to be a part of all of my fluffy little creations!

I finally got my buns in gear to get some safety eyes (and everytime you say "safety eyes" you MUST say it like you are saying "safety DANCE!" and kick a "yaH!" in there. And Do the little arm move. Every time. Try it now. mwhahaha)

I've been using beads and buttons, which ARE cute, but many of my customers are parents buying something for their kids at market - so I want to make sure they have some choices with the Safety Eyes "yaH!"

I mean, they are adorable, and I"ve had some friends request them for their adults selves (because mostly, my friends are big kids pretending to be adults. That's probably why they are my friends in the first place. But, adults don't need Safety Eyes "yaH!")

I got some plain black Safety Eyes!
Some multi colour Safety Eyes!
Green Safety Eyes! (YaH!)
Safety eyes... Safety eyes... it's SAFETY EYES..

Forgive Me. It's early. And I entertain easily. Bwahahahhaha. I've totally overkilled this jest with my sweetheart already, dancing around the house, making up lyrics. "We can craft if we want to..."

And, You can buy eyes if you wannoo... at 6060's shop:

On another note, the Steamer I earned free with my Watkins rewards points from THIS NOTE arrived yesterday. I thought it was my product order and catalogues arriving, but was happily surprised that it's here. Our garden veggies (and the veggies from my sweetie's parents garden ) will be SO yummy in this. I was going through the little book, and there are intructions for doing EGGS in it! "boiled" eggs in a steamer. The kids are pretty excited about that.

Have a wonderful day!


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60-60 said...

Thanks for posting this, I enjoy to read your blog very much! =) Aren't we all? I mean, I am mom of 2, but I still feel like I am just a kid inside! shhhh... don't let me kids know! LOL