Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Can Love Your Sock Monkey, But You Can't LOoooVE Your Sock Monkey.

I've been making sock toys, again, with the intention of "stockpiling" for the summer markets. They are so much fun to make (Making them makes me happy in a simple way.) It'll be a bonus if they sell in the summer. If not, well, this is what you're getting for Yule from me :)

This guy looked a little mean, before I added the french-knots in the eyes, and the big pink felt heart.

This little dude came out looking like he was wearing a knit cap, and he's got a bit of a teenage attitude when I hold him...

Like "Yo, Mama, Be cool. Don't make me hang out with all these other baby monkeys - I'm too old for dat."

Love Monkeys for Valentines Day.

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