Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Dollhouse Renovation BEGINS

So, about 2 years ago, I garage picked this dollhouse from the neighbours across the road. I know, I know, your not supposed to salvage from your own neighbourhood, but it was a DOLLHOUSE! Home made by the fellow who lived there, for his daughters when they were little.

The poor thing needed saving.

The Big Tall Teenager helped me get it out of the basement, and the girls and I are figuring out where to start. The walls seem structurally sound, although some of the window placements don't make me very happy. That can be fixed.

There are an immense amount of staples in this thing, and horrific carpet... the saga begins....


Da Queen said...

oh my GAWD that is the same UGLY kitchen flooring that I have in my kitchen!!!!!!...LOL!!!

lori.petroff said...

tee hehehe... The fellow who made it had a carpeting and flooring store in town (we live in a very small town!) and I'm sure these are all remnants from his business.

tee hee