Sunday, February 28, 2010

Voodoo Doll.

A friend of mine forwarded a little pic of a voodoo doll and says "I want one. Can you make one for me? But, give it some personality." I love a good challenge. I started thinking about how I would start, and then continued with the dolls I'm currently making.

While I was downstairs looking for materials for the dolls, 7 rubbermaid totes later, I came across a doll body I had made, and abandoned. It was supposed to be a sweet little doll, but my measurements came out wrong, and the poor thing had tiny little legs and a lumpy body. So sad, it's sat down there for 2 years, until today, when I squealed "Eureka!"

Voodoo doll half finished!

This is the first time I've painted a doll (acrylic with a fabric textile additive) and I was really groovin' on the whole process. Although, I think I need to add some safety pins to it, for good measure.

This is just going to lead me into crazy new places with my dolls. I've ordered more labels, because I think I only have a few left, and I've been on overdrive with the sewing.

This is also the first time I've tried something spooooky.

I've also run out of polyester fiberfill... so, after the doll was done (and I painted a pile more faces and dolls) I got out a canvas, and did some of that, too.

It's been a very creative day!


P.S. I decided NOT to sign the doll... just incase ..hehe

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