Tuesday, February 23, 2010

9 Jewellery Boxes to Heal The Soul

Today, I've gotten out the collection of old jewellery boxes, and I'm going to start the long and creative process that is transforming them. Today feels right, and last nights before-bed read inspired me.

I read this quote last night from my Seat Of The Soul , this is one of my favourite books - and it shows. The poor thing has to be glued back together. Page 86. Gary Zukov presents his thoughts in words and paragraphs that are SO well crafted, that you'll move from one thought to another in the most beautiful flowing way. This book really helped me heal.

"Intuition serves creativity. It tells you what book to buy for your project. It tells you where to meet the colleague that you need to meet, and which ideas from another. It is the hunch that a certain painting shuld be done in grey, and that another should be done in purple. It is the sense that an idea that has never been tried before might work."
"Intuition seves inspiration."

I love getting lost in my craft. It's meditative, and fulfilling, and just plain makes me feel happy and thankful.

So, today, I will listen to vinyl, and work on these jewellery boxes, and think on how much fun the summer Market is going to be with these beauties on my table!

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