Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When Did It Become a Hobby?

I just love this little piece. I think that it's because of the little mirror. It's probably because it's the "realest" element in any of my miniatures. I love creating the furniture and rugs, art, etc... but I really envy the peices that REALLY look real. I'm also incredibly appreciative of my sweethearts camera, that takes pictures so prettily.

I've been making them for etsy, and my little dollhouse (once I do something, I like to make LOTS) using pretty papers and podge.

Podge is amazing stuff.

I'm wondering though, these little numbers, although they do well online, don't get much attention at the markets and tradeshows. So, I've decided, although I'll be bringing the dolls and jewellery to market, and promoting my Summit Group business, I think I'm going to leave the miniatures at home.

February is for creating, in my world! How about you?

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