Friday, February 5, 2010

Three Months to Stockpile.

Right now I'm completely into making miniatures, (furniture and the little dolls) and sock dolls. I wish I had a studio, to spread out all my half finished projects... I like to SEE them. I cleared off an entire bookshelf, and told my sweetheart he could fill it with his books.. and it took me about a week to fill it with paints, half finished projects, and things for etsy...

On that note, I love Crafters Choice. Mainly, because I have a wicked crafting addiction that I must nourish constantly. They always have this special going, but I find that February is the month for me to get into it... spring is a month away, craft shows for me are 3 months away, so I've got 3 solid months for stockpiling. And now that I've hijacked the book shelf, I apparently have room for more...

Find books on beading, sewing, knitting, and more! Get 3 Fabulous Crafting Books for only $3! !

I've gotten many books from them that I've used in different ways. I tend to need to start with a pattern, and then I promptly personalize and change it.

Have a peek at all the new books they've got!

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