Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Squatters in the Dollhouse...

The dollhouse is sat on my hopechest (a wonderful piece of furniture that my father made me when I was 19.) The hopechest is the perfect size for it. The hopechest hovers over the heater vent, and sits in front of the front window. This, apparently, is the perfect spot for the cats. I heard that this can happen with houses in renovations... I have squatters in my dollhouse.

I'm going to have to devise some way of keeping them out, when we start filling this. Although the naughty idea of making a "cat" house, complete with red velvet walls and fringed hanging lamps made me giggle.
There were a million bazillion staples securing wallpaper and corrugated plastic on the walls, and holding the carpets in place. There were pieces of wood that had been intended to be an elevator, and a scary piece of wire stapled on that was supposed to be a carpeted stairway (which I had previously ripped off, but not entirely removed.

the bottom center and left room had it's carpet GLUED on, which was a cause for some sweat to remove - but the pixies and I managed. The entire stripping of the house took about 2 hours.

That was the easy part! I'm excited with the planning. The girls have already chosen "their" bedrooms, and I'll just have to work around the rest! (Because, dang it,I want one too!)

Oh, and I registered a new domain name for my business...


With thanks to a friend for helping me brainstorm it!!!

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