Friday, February 12, 2010

I Miss Green.

I was cruising around my photos, and found all these random photos I had taken while on little road excursions. I would just pop pop pop pics while my sweetie drove. And I realize... I really miss seeing grass. And sky. And Fields. And squirrels who look warm.

We live in cottage country - little towns divided by lots and lots of grass and trees and bush and fields. People come here in summer and fall and pay big bucks to do so, because it's so beautiful... in winter, however, not so much. It's cold. Really really cold. And usually there is A LOT more snow than we've been blessed with this year.

But still. The days are getting longer, and spring is in sight... but I really miss GREEN.

Busy day today, the little ones are off on a PD day, and they've got Monday off too. I forgot my teenager doesn't have the day off, and I booked a meeting today (with friends, for coffee, and a Watkins info drop off package.) so, they're going to come along, and we're going to pepper mommy's boring business :) with some adventure and fun...

Yay for super long weekends!

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