Monday, March 1, 2010

21 in one Go!

I counted up the projects I currently have on the go. 21. that's TWENTY ONE.

8 jewellery boxes
3 stuffy bears&bunnies
2 princess art dolls
1 lonely lady art doll
6 "odd" art dolls (as the little one in the pic.)
1 16 x 16" canvas painting.

The kitchen is a mess. It started with waiting for jewellery boxes to dry. This led to me sewing some bunnies and bears - and realizing I was nearly out of polyester fiberfill. In one of my magazines, there were some examples of dolls with acrylic painted faces - so I dug out some white denim, and started playing with it. (knowing I had the acrylic textile additive.) Then, while waiting for those to dry, I dug out a new canvas I bought... I found myself standing on a chair hanging a new spice rack today and surveyed the kitchen from "above."

Where in the world are we going to eat dinner?

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60-60 said...

I don't know how many projects I have to get done, I am afraid to count! I have way too much yarns and way too little time! I should get back and start organizing my supplies, it's way out of control!