Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Brain Hurts - Actually Printing Photos

This is a piece of work in progress - I'm calling it "A Duel!" after the title got a smile from my beloved.

He also suggested that I take pictures of my work and create an album to bring with us during our farmers markets this summer, after I voiced how much I'd like to take them but that it was so inconvienient to try and display them. He is brilliant!

Tomorrow, hopefully there will be some nice natural lighting through the windows, I'm going to get photos of all my finished works, and begin the process. I'm also going to get good photos of the jewellery boxes when they are finished, of some of the dolls I'm making, and of the miniature furniture, and create a large artist album. It can sit on the table and it could be a great source for commissions as well as selling the work itself.

I figure I'll probably just email the finished photos to Walmart, get them printed there. (Printing photos seems so ARCANE, doesn't it??) and, I'll ofcourse have to embellish a photo album - which leads me to want to also include some of my hand made cards and samples of my calligraphy and writing...

My brain hurts sometimes.

Ah, the artists life.

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Deedra said...

I love this pillow! It reminds me of vintage sewing patterns. Totally cool!