Friday, March 5, 2010

Art Dolls! Hand Painted, Hand Sewn, Hand Stuffed!

Some of the new art doll pillows are done! I"m really excited, I love the way they've turned out.

I hand painted all of them - every bit. So, in my heart and opinion, they are like works of art, but on a stuffy canvas. They are painted on a light creamy natural denim, with cotton on the back. All have the Little Scotia tag on the back.

These are intended for the Farmers and Aritsans market this spring and summer, but I may put them on etsy. I'll need to get better pics, though, as these ones don't show all the detail and layers of colour.

Life is Good.


Deedra said...

These are wonderful!!! I just love them so much!

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

Thanks Deedra! They are so much fun to do - but time consuming :) I lose all track of the day painting.