Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm working on sewing this BAG. ugh.

I have about 25 pairs of jeans that are either holey, broken zippered, or just plain UGLY that I have intended to re-purpose. With the idea for a collaboration with a friend of mine who does wonderful work, my idea was to make bags out of them. I've never sewn a bag with a liner before, so purposely picked out a pattern with one.

I've never sworn so much behind my sewing machine as I did yesterday. (luckily, I sew while the children are at school...)

I know learning a new skill takes time. But I tend to think of hours in terms of hourly wage.. and so far, fumbling along with this bag, I've spent 5 hours. And it's only half finished. I know, I know, it's a learning curve, and once I do it a few times, it'll be as fast as I do my dolls. But right now it's PAINFUL.

Checking and double checking the pattern and instructions, swearing, making sure everything is lined up right, pinning myself, swearing... you get the picture. When I'm finished, It'll be equivalent to a $120 purse. hehe. But, I'm thinking the most I'll be able to put on it, WITH my friends art work, is maybe $50.

Also, can anyone recommend some VERY GOOD fabric markers in colours? Ones that will be colourfast and brilliant?


On another note, there's a weird second wave of illness going around - not to mention the "oh my goodness, it's spring so let's not wear as many layers" sneeze fest. Yeah, every year.

Watkins has a suppliment called Rezist Plus - a natural blend you can take ALL YEAR ROUND unlike echinacia (did you know, it's not good to take that all the time?) I've been taking it and my allergies have been a WHOLE lot less, which means less itchy watery eyes and NO allergy induced asthma.

If you are in food service, customer service, work with many people, or work with children, I'd recommend this! Watkins offers a money back guarantee (our company was the first to ever offer that - We're 142 years old this year!)

Canadian Rezist Plus

United States Rezist

If you have any questions, or are interested in wholesale, email me :)

Happy Friday!

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