Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tattoo'd Puppy, Shiny Happy Monkey

Worked on finishing details of some babies that needed some attention (and were patiently waiting for the filling!)

This little one is a child friendly version - no buttons! Eyes, nose, mouth, and ear details are embroidered on in coloured floss. I love the expression.

This is Tattoo'd Puppy! I loved the look on her face, all innocent and pure - meanwhile, tattoo'd from head to toe!!

I think tattoo'd puppy is going to get a little dress, though.

There's 2.5 months until first market day. My sweet heart says the "doll jail" is really filling up, and someone will have to come and spring 'em soon! (I have a glass doored Ikea cabinet. It is getting stuffy in there...nyuk nyuk.)

I sort of want to put one or two on etsy - because, I can always make more :) However, there's still jewellery boxes to finish up, necklaces and charms to get to, and I really really REALLY want to do a few aprons before market... So for now, I'm showing them off on Facebook, taking commissions from there, and letting them wait patiently until May.

More Sewing!

I love my "job."

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