Monday, March 8, 2010

Taxes and Corn Pop Tea.

All day I've been heating and reheating my Corn Pop tea. What-what? You say... Well.

When I stepped into the livingroom this morning, all groggy eyed and messed up fringe, the pixies were already on the couch consuming Corn Pops (what-what? I said... they know they are not to eat on the couch.) and before I can get THAT out, the littlest says "Just so you know, there's no more milk for your tea, because I put the rest in my Corn Pops. " This results in a cranky moan from mummy, and I shuffle into the kitchen and put on the pot of water anyway - because even though I know I'm not getting my morning required-to-function tea, there's something to be said for routine.

I wished at this point that I could drink herbal tea for enjoyment rather than using them as herbal medicinals. Bleck.

Some minutes later, the pixies are upstairs changing for school - and I see the littlest pixie has not only left her bowl in the livingroom (what is going ON in her head???) but, she's left about TWO tea's worth of milk in the bottom of her bowl. ARGLE BARGLE.

I used it. Yes, I did. I brewed a tea up, and poured yellowy milk out of the bowl, and tasted it... a little less sugar than usual, and I'm drinking Corn-Pop tea all day. It's not horrible. But I'm not sure I'd recommend it in anything other than the direst circumstances. On a normal day, I would have put that bowl into the fridge, and had her consume it the next time she asked for a drink. At the kitchen table, where these things are SUPPOSED TO happen. (Waste not-want not, yes?) Orange Pekoe with a hint of Corn Popp-y ness.

Well, on another note, I just finished putting my tax numbers together. I haven't actually filed them yet, as I'm POSITIVE I'm missing reciepts. How does this happen? Every year I have the best of intentions, every year all the receipts end up in 3 different "safe" places... and at some point, I forget where one of those are... yeah, good times.

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