Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Muses Love Ostara

This weekend was the first day of spring - and that's the day our family traditionally does an "egg" hunt. It confuses the heck out of my Facebook buddies. :) This year, the piece de resistance was our triple muse ceramic sculpture (also lovingly referred to as my triple goddesses) held some candy eggs. It looks as if my muses need a bit of dusting, though. They are ceramic, painted brown, and were a thrift store score about 5 years ago. I've been considering painting them white, but I'm still waiting to see what THEY think about that.

Spring almost always falls on March Break - which is also a bonus for us. This week was EXCEPTIONALLY warm, which was a lovely way to welcome and celebrate spring.

Although I did a bit of sewing, I was REALLY pleased to see my Watkins business working even when I WASN'T. Just tickled :)

We walked all over town, had tea and treats and breakfasts and the diner and the cafe. A visit to the toy store got me a Calico Critter family (I've been waiting since Yule for them to come in stock at our local small town toy store, Minds Alive!)

I haven't worked on the doll house much, but there are a pile of new Market Bags to show for the week, and a happy couple of little pixies.

Working from home ROCKS. Tomorrow is Monday, and back to getting up at 6am.

Life is Good :)


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