Sunday, August 8, 2010

RainBlows and Soft Gangstas

Actually, I don't mind a rainy day. Just when it falls on Market day. My one day a week to "go to work" and today was a rain out. I had made a few extra critters for market, and after cleaning my sewing desk (and area) for over an hour looking for my plain black Safety Eyes (YAH!) I gave up, sat at my computer, and found a little bag of green ones! So, made a few more critters.

They look a little gansta here, don't they? Soft Squishy Cute gangsters.
You can just tell the Rabbit, to the right, is a Wise Guy. White kitty is front and center: "You talking to ME?"

This kitty above, I think is the Boss. Despite her cute cherry exterior, you can tell she's bad ass. "Where's my money??"

This little kitty is the youngest. I think she took a dive for her gang, because she's still wearing stripes. She looks a bit pensive.

This is probably what they'll look like in the police line up. "Ma'am, is the Soft Gangster that stole your heart here?"

Ah well. I'll work on the rest of their gang today, for next Sunday.

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