Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Garden is PRODUCING!! The Kiddie pool is Full!

The Garden Boxes on April 21The Garden Boxes August 3!

It seems like so much of the veggies got ready over night! I had a poke through yesterday, after giving the boxes a good water. Picked 2 cucumbers (one of which was dinner last night. Tasted SO good, fresh from my own garden.)

The tomatoes are THERE, just green still. We've been eating the beet greens for weeks. There's a Zucchini that looks almost ready (and a pile of little guys that'll be ready in a few weeks.)

The pumpkins are taking over (yes, I know. That's what they do.) One of the vines has made very good friends with the lilac bush in the back yard.)

Between hanging out with my pixies, and running Little Scotia, Vintage Witch, and the Watkins business, it's been a very busy summer. I've only been going out to poke around the garden about once a week. I'm so excited how it's coming along, and I'm thinking it'll pay itself off in tomatoes alone. I'm already planning for next year!

My next step: harvesting and storing the seeds that have come from my own plants (which are all organic heritage plants.) If I save them successfully, do you think that people would buy them, or make trades with me?

Oh yes, and I think I'd like to try my hand at asparagus.

The kiddie pool is full! It's going to be a hot one, have a great day :)

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Jen said...

Your garden looks great! Way to go! :)