Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Natural Facial Care Report

So, for the last 3 weeks, I've been using all natural products on my face. A natural face wash twice a day, a day cream, a night cream, and 3 times a week, a natural facial exfoliator. This was a big experiment. I've stayed away from lotions, used organic make up sparingly (once a month?) and my face was rough, from this treatment, for the last few years.

I have had horrific acne all my life. Not only those little annoying zits, but the big welty ones. And my skin is SLOW to heal. It was taking about 8 weeks for the red to go away from one zit. My neck breaks out. Just about every pore on my nose and chin was filled with blackhead. I also had some pretty terrific cancer on my face, that took 2 surgeries that totalled about 8 hours in and out of the chair and about 50 stitches.

(I blame the cancer all the creams, make up, acne cleansers and lotions, the cream hair removers, etc etc that I was using on my face. I was really piling the chemicals on for years.)

So, I was using a soapless cleanser once a day. I was NOT touching any creams. And my face was looking PRETTY rough. Black heads, scars, red, and with angry acne.

Two months ago, I ordered the Watkins facial care line. Because it's 100% natural. I waited until I was finished with my soapless cleanser before cracking them all, and experimenting on my face and neck. It's been 3 weeks now, and I have some things to report.

The cleansing cream is just that; A cream. I wasn't used to that. When I wash with it, my face and neck is left feeling soft. I was used to cleansers stripping my face of all oils, being literally squeeky. I was pretty convinced that this was going to break my face out.

The pore scrubber, I use about 3 times a week. I didn't want to over do it. My face had been normally RED, and I didn't want to make it worse. I would use it at night before bed. It smells really nice. The instructions didn't say whether it should be used before or after washing, so I was washing first, then scrubbing.

The Divine Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream made me nervous. I'm so used to anything like this immediately breaking me out, and making me itch. But in the name of the experiement, I persevered.

The Day cream is light (for a cream) and has a light smell - although no added fragrance.

The Night cream has a bit of a stronger smell (Royal Jelly is listed as the main ingredient.) and this cream is thicker. Both creams go on very nicely.

So, after 3 weeks of doing this day and night, I took a good look at my face. I've had a few little white heads over the weeks, but NO big welty ones. The fine lines that I've been nursing (crows feet, under my eyes, and my "frown" marks above my eyes and on my chin.) are FAR less deep and all but dissapeared. (all but that dang frown line on my brow!) None of the products made my sensitive skin itch, break out, go red, or swell.

But, the most amazing thing of all is the quality of my skin! It's HEALING! I've gone from having a red face and neck, to some colour that is a light rose or peach hue. All the acne scars are fading fast - my neck was covered when I started, and they are all very nearly gone. And, the blackheads I used to have riddling my nose and chin have dissapeared about 80%. (Every pore in my nose had black heads... and now there are only a few here and there, and the pores are looking healed and closed.)

So, I'm happy to have found beauty products that are natural and aren't full of chemical. For so long, I couldn't use any of these things! It feels nice to spoil myself.

At the rate I'm using them (every day!) The cleanser should last about 2 months, as well as the pore scrubber. The day and night cream are going much further, and I estimate they will last about 4 months (I make sure my hands are clean when I dip them in the jar, and I've been keeping the jars in my room instead of the bathroom, so bathroom humidity won't ruin them. Natural products take a bit of extra care.)

The last thing about this experiement? I knew that Watkins would refund me fully if any of the products didn't work for me.

If you'd like to see a list of ingredients, Click Here

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