Thursday, August 12, 2010

Train and John Mayer, August 11 2010 in Toronto. I was there, man.

Thanks to my good friend Mag, I had the BEST damn seat in the house. lol.

The center block of seats at the ACC (just after the pit), center seat, 3rd row in. In front of me was an empty seat (second row.) and in the first row, a LITTLE BOY. Who sat for most of the show. It was like Train and John Mayer were singing just for me, :)

Blessedly, Train did NOT do "Hey, Soul Sister." but about 10 (??) other songs, that I was surprised to know. Their show, and Pat Monahan (lead singer) has a flipping AWESOME voice. He did things with his voice that was just incredible (and made a joke at one point that we had all just had a "Prince" moment together.) A few of the songs I can remember them doing is Meet Virginia, Get To Me, Marry Me, ...

I had never seen John Mayer in concert. Mag has been making a convert out of me for years, and I was so glad I went! BOTH acts were "genuine." Really sang their songs, and well. Engaged the audience. Really great shows!

Here's some footage from close to where Mags was sitting. (from the actual night of our show.) The person who took this video was probably about 2 rows in front of Mag.

I sat alone, (Mag and Pauline were in the pit.) but I STILL had a fantastic time. My sweet Mom-In-Law was supposed to come with me, but she couldn't make it (circumstances beyond any control!) and then I couldn't find anyone to fill the seat! I didn't mind, though. The Universe took care of me, making sure I had a fantastic time with my fantastic view.

Would I do it again. Hellz yeah!

Mag made some T shirts for us to wear. You can find them HERE. They are her own design.

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