Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Magic in store for May 11th?

Feelin' the magic today!

Yesterday, my girls remembered to give me a Mothers Day box of chocolates they got for me on Saturday and forgot to give me Sunday. My sweetheart laughed and asked if there were any missing.

Yesterday, my Monty Python French Taunting towels got 90 views on etsy, thanks to it being "Monty Python status day" on Facebook. hehe. Random.

Yesterday, we got news that verifies we've got some magic :) and forever.

Today, I have a rental housing inspection. My house is a write off, as I've been babying my back and moving at a snails pace. (CTscan revealed a herniated disc, explaining the 9ish weeks of pain.) but, hopefully they'll still be able to get to the windows and what ever else they need to look at. I have a list for them. Beginning with the birds who've made a next in the attic, using the bathroom vent as a door.

Today, I have 150 more emails to send out, plus as many calls as I can manage before housing gets here. I was given 275 leads from my Summit Group team leader, for participating in a boot camp training AND making first month manager in April. (I'm working hard on maintaining it this month, as if I do, there's a bonus in it for me. Work from Home mommies LIKE bonuses, that begin with $$$.)

Today, I'd rather be outside, to continue putting the dirt into the planter boxes I made. But there's WINTER in the air. I have to go slow when I do it, again because of the back. It's VERY frustrating to have to go slow, when I'm used to doing 5 things at once. I found more seeds hiding in the cupboard from last year. I'm going to need some crafty garden stakes, to keep them all figured out.

But, anyway, I had dreams that kept me wanting to sleep to see what happens, and May 11 has got something planned for me. I rolled out of bed with a smile on my face.

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