Thursday, May 20, 2010

Umbrella Heaven

Today, I want to post SO BADLY the most AWESOME gift that I made for my sweetheart for his birthday today. But I cannot, as he might actually READ this today. So, it will have to wait until tomorrow. (It is truly awesomeness.)

We finally have some very warm weather - which always brings out the big hats or umbrella's. (For those of you who don't know it, I had a rather large chunk of my face removed as it was cancerous. They stitched me up, with minimal muscle and nerve loss. My face was the ONLY place I ever used sunscreen, and I've got a suspicion it had something to do with the cream facial hair removers I used to use. But, anyway, I use umbrellas to walk in the sun.)

I'd love to get a properly made parasol. One that can withstand the wind, and have material a little thicker than the thin water proof layer that a regular umbrella has. I've seen some lovely (but pricey) ones made in the UK, at Umbrella Heaven at etsy, that are windproof. For the amount of umbrellas that I SEND to umbrella heaven (they die) , it would be worth it.

Today, however, I'm going to settle for a big floppy hat in the shade, and weave up more necklaces for the Farmers Market that's happening in Midland this Sunday (and every Sunday from now till Thanksgiving weekend.)

Come see tomorrow, what I made for my sweetie's birthday!!!

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