Monday, May 17, 2010

How do I Afford my Rock N Roll Lifestyle??

Dear yard. Please mow yourself. I clearly don't have time. Aren't you aware, I have to WORK here?

I just finished FINALLY shovelling the dirt from the driveway into the raised veggie boxes this afternoon. I had been nursing my back (herniated disc! eep!) and then we had a week of rain. Which made the grass grow strong and tall and thick... and hard to cut with my push mower. (I forced myself to smile and think thankful thoughts. It's Monday, and beautiful, and I get to be out in it. Thanks, Universe.) Raising our own veggies, and getting goods for less at market, will save us money this summer. Plus, it just feels good.

The seedlings in thier little containers are getting big and are going to need to be put to bed soon, so back and forth with the wheel barrow took precedence over mowing.

This weekend is the first farmers market, too. I bake biscotti for the markets, as well as banana bread, carrot cake, and I'm going to do a zucchini bread for this one, to see how it goes. I also make hemp necklaces, sock dolls, and scrabble tile pendants for the market. I've been working like mad all winter, but I still feel like I'm not quite ready! It's Midland on Sunday... I'm considering doing Elmvale on Saturdays. Still not sure about it.

This past weekend, we did some wicked thrifting, and some of the items I got pics of and listed on etsy already sold. I love when that happens.

I also pitch Watkins while at the market, but that part takes almost no effort at all. When people see the name, they know EXACTLY what they are after! I just have to make sure my Watkins apron is clean! I have quite a few members on my team now, who are getting started, and I'm so excited for them.

And that, folks, is how I afford my gyspy rock-n-roll lifestyle.

Now, to figure out dinner and fetch the kiddies from school.

Life is Good. Say thanks now and again.

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