Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday is the new Saturday.

so, the thrift store I work at part time had a 50% off sale on Saturday. I bought this:
My sweethearts response was: "There is no room left on the walls." I found a spot. I had to have it. I think it's just a napkin or ??? It's printed onto a rough material, and framed. I had to have it.

In other news. Today is Wednesday, but it is my Saturday. So, after I get validation by telling the world on my blog what I'm doing, I'm gonna actually go out and do it. I think that's backwards, but I don't play by the rules anyway...
Tomato plants won't grow any taller than this until I get them out of their newspaper pots. I got excellent germination on them. My own saved seed from 2 summers ago. I'm impressed.

These are some bean plants. They germinated and grew incredibly fast, and now are too tall to fit under the lights in the kitchen. Also, they are in only about an inch of soil, in egg cartons. So, they have to get out too.

I didn't get a great germination rate on either my sweet red peppers (6 of the 10.) and my eggplant I only got 2 of 10. However, these were from the seed exchange that I did this spring, so I wasn't sure what I would get anyway. Also, NONE of the green peppers germinated, either in the pots OR sandwiched between damp napkins.

However, I got 100% germination on the sunflowers I did, and all of the morning glories. Got about 75% on the Moonflowers I bought... so, I'm not even sure where they are all going to go now. I might wrap some up and bring them to sell at market this coming weekend. (The morning glories.)

Oh, NONE of the other flower seeds I planted germinated at all. This just supports my theory that I can pretty much only grow food.

OK. Finishing coffee, and heading out into the yard.

Must also rememer to put the voodoo on all the squirrels so they will leave my shit alone. Little Pissers.


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