Friday, May 11, 2012

Swear Swear Many Swears. But, I like Dirt.

Yes. I am THAT pleased to be able to have a whole day in the yard and GARDEN, that GARDEN is spelled with all caps.

  • I dug out the side garden ... which was a disaster, since I forgot to cover it last fall.
  • I clipped a tonne of pokey cedar hedge fingerlets that were reaching into the side garden area.
  • I chopped off a few branches of trees that were also attempting to infiltrate the air space above the side garden. (Right around the 4.5 foot mark - just high enough to smack me in the face... GONE. I totally apologized as I clipped them.)
  • Covered the bit of the side yard that is overrun with this HORRIBLE plant stuff that has choked out my little wild strawberry plants. 
  • Made a creative sculpture with random bits of junk, to try to block the view of my side yard from the poor neighbours. Yes, I"M that neighbour. The side of the house is always a disaster. BUT!
  • I also cleaned out the side of the house, making a nice little sitting area for us.
  • I took breaks from the garden to wash and hang sheets and laundry.

 The little build up of STUFF is part one of my attempt to create some privacy, and so the neighbours don't have to look at my garden shed 'mulch'. heh.

 I extended the brick path out by one length of stone... but came up short. This is in an effort to actually be able to GET to the compost bucket. I also cleared out ALL of the wild STUFF growing in the 1.5 foot bed on the left side. My plan for this is SUNFLOWERS. I have started many many sunflowers. The bit of greenery you can see in the actual garden bed are my snow peas. Which are taking their sweet time.

 Garden bed, with some boards to mark the boundaries. These boards WERE the shelves in my basement. Beyond that, are destroyed-garden-shed panels. Their function is to kill EVERYTHING under neath it by next year, when I will move them and who-knows-what.  They are were my strawberry patch used to be before the strawberries got choked out by THIS horrible stuff:

Now,.... I also decided that this year, I am organized enough to try flowers. Generally, I do not grow flowers, because my green thumb thinks they are useless... I cannot eat them, therefore they get no respect. This year, I have dug out a pile of perennials and gifted seeds, and am going to give them a round. Because they are part of my plan to hide the side yard....

I started RESEARCHING all of the seeds I have from 4 years ago (perennials that I purchased and attempted to plant but nothing ever came of anything.)... because I don't know what any of the names mean, or what the flowers will look like... well.. Google told me that one of the things I bought and planted, looks like THIS:
Its called German Speedwell. It's a ground cover. I think I bought, planted, and somehow didn't kill it. THIS is the HORRIBLE sh*t that I am TOTALLY pissed about now WORKING to kill. Because it killed my strawberries first.

Many Many Swears.

 Now, the leaves on the one that is taking over my side yard has leaves that look a little different.... but I'm pretty sure it's EXACTLY what I have. I would have planted it underneath the maple tree, uh, 4 years ago, hoping to fill in the naked naked base of the tree... nothing ever grew there, so I figured that was that.

Anyway... These are the rest of the plants that I've got - some for the pots that are going to hide my shed, and some for my back yard. There's a whole bunch of problem places back there.

 Mutha *swear swear* German Speedwell. Maybe I'll plant it at the road. RIGHT at the road. Usually only dandilions will grow there anyway.

 Chimney Bellflower

 Common Foxglove

 Foam Flower

 Goats Rue

 Purple Columbine. (I have some red in the front box, and I managed not to kill it. So, this should work!)

 Strawberry Foxglove

Wood Betony

I also have some Morning Glorys, and something marked on the envelope as "purple flowers." The seeds I saved from something I bought at a store a few years ago. 

Ok, big long one today... because I LOVE DIRTS!

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