Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kiss me Quick.

It is a beautiful sunny hot day. The kind of day where I hide under big hats, or preferably in the house with a book. Or online writing blogs, listening to Tegan and Sara.You should listen to this in the backround while you read me. ;)

And I was thinking today, remember when I used to be an artist model? Remember when I used to be an actress? Remember when I used to dance? Remember when I wrote poetry?

Today, I thought it would be thrilling and satisfying thing, to own a gypsy trailer, fill it with food and children and pillows and tarot cards and billowy skirts and glitter and paints and canvasses and my lover, and drive.

Somewhere where there are no lawns to mow, no floors to mop, no public utility bills, no broken vacuums, no boxes of boots, no dusty small appliances.

Find the place in a pretty field where we could park for the night or the week. Find the place with a fire pit and string instruments with beautiful people sitting behind them. Where the most difficult decision would be where the next kiss would be placed and wondering who would come to the midnight show of fire tossers and gyrating dancers.

I'm sure we could make this work. I am the Queen of Magical Things. This sounds completely up sleeve, down my path, across my line of vision. Completey do-able, to be sure.

Back to the couch with a novel and spreading toes attempting to catch the breeze between them.