Sunday, May 27, 2012

Urban Farming, Sprouts, Yogurt, Oh My!

Urban Farm update.
Moved Giselle back into the big cage that was supposed to be a temporary makeshift. I had aquired a proper rabbit cage - but the sides were solid with a sliding cage top. She hated it, and I hated having her in it. No circulation of air for her, and although it is a large cage, it was smaller than what she had had.

I put her in the half finished cage, and she hopped around and was social and quite happy, as I finished building it up around her. I bought more zip ties to secure all of the pieces. She's using her litter box now, I'm so happy to report (she was the last one of all of them to get with the program.) and that will make it a nicer place for her.

On another note, incase you didn't catch the update... I work part time at a thrift store. It's a beautiful fit. AND, I get to see the stuff that comes in... I was at work for no more than 3 minutes on Friday, when I spotted this beauty:

 The Cook and I had been talking about adding sprouts to our diets - (this on the heels of discussing how he is adding more vegetarian meals to our meal times.) on Thursday. So, when I saw this on Friday morning, I grabbed it before I had even put my lunch and purse away. Sometimes the Universe is LOUD.

Now, I KNOW I could have just done them up in any one of the dozens of new or vintage Mason jars I have around here, but... look at the original price in black ink... and then look at the thrift store white sticker...

Then, near the end of the day, I spotted this little number. And, again, I KNOW I could do this on the top of my fridge or in the oven in mason jars.. but.. but... but...

It's so PURDY. The jars are only about a serving size (I'm guessing they'll hold about 6oz of water if you filled them.)

It didn't come with a manual, but I'm thinking I just need to figure out the right time - all yogurt recipes are pretty much the same, right??

There was a whole other topic I wanted to write about tonight... But it will only make this entry a big run on sentence... Maybe a little later...


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Anonymous said...

You lucky girl!! Let me know how that yogurt maker works out :)