Monday, January 13, 2014

Tomato Plant Stink and Mint Babies.

My seeds came in from The Cottage Gardener today, while I was out. Yay! The box was small enough to just fit into the mailbox. Squee!!

Green Man who minds my Tower Garden

They've got new packaging this year. It's pretty. And in colour. 
The Cottage Gardener new seed pack design.

It looks like the collection packs have new packaging, too. 
The Cottage Gardener Kitchen Garden Herb Collection.

Also, we got to the end of a head of lettuce I actually purchased. (The Tower Garden lettuce is ready now, though. We've been picking at it.) Anyway, popped the end into a plastic container and stuck it on the Tower, in front of the lights. This is only 2 days of growth! I'm assuming I will need to put some food in that container soon, though. 
Growing lettuce from old lettuce

Here's a full view of the Tower Garden. So, one of the lettuces I bought just WON'T go crispy. It stays soft and buttery. (A packet I bought last year from the grocery I think..or maybe Canadian Tire.) the Mesclun Mix around the sides and backs are doing okay though. 
The Tower Garden in my kitchen

and,  See those TINY TINY little guys? That is Mint. That I planted 2 months ago. And I pretty much gave up on them. Was going to put something else in the spot, and when I checked yesterday, (or the day before???) boom... babies. Mint babies.
Mint. Please be Mint.

A nice close up shot of the flower buds that the tomatoes finally have... I"m going to have to cut back some of the green on these guys soon. At this rate, I should have fresh tomatoes from the tower in... March or so. Heh. Handling these gives me the Tomato Plant Stink on my hands. hehe. 
Tomatoes finally have little flower buds.

Now that all my seeds are here, I'm going to have to see about getting some small containers for indoors, for the herbs that won;t fit in the Tower Garden right now...

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