Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Seed List, part 1, 2014.

So, here we go again!
The seeds I've ordered for this years garden:

Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce (Looseleaf; Certified Organic) Pkt - 500 seeds
Black Tuscan Palm Tree Kale (Certified Organic) Pkt - 250 seeds
King of the North Sweet Pepper (Rare; Sustainably-Grown) Pkt - 30 seeds
Black Beauty Summer Squash (Certified Organic) Pkt - 20 seeds
Five-Colour Silverbeet Swiss Chard (Certified Organic) Pkt - 70 seeds
Druzba Tomato (Red; Certified Organic) Pkt - 30 seeds
Scotia Tomato (Rare; Certified Organic) Pkt - 30 seeds
Parris Island Cos Lettuce (Romaine; Certified Organic) Pkt - 500 seeds
Martino's Roma Tomato (Paste/Sauce; Red; Certified Organic) Pkt - 30 seeds
Chives, Common (Certified Organic) Pkt - 100 seeds
Golden Detroit Beet (Certified Organic) Trade Pack - 210 seeds
Bouquet Radish Mix (The Cottage Gardener's; Sustainably-Grown) Pkt - 300 seeds
Lavender, Old English (Lavandula angustifolia) Pkt - 50 seeds
Oregano, Greek (Origanum vulgare hirtum; Certified Organic) Pkt - 100 seeds
Parsley, Italian Dark Green (Petroselinum crispum; Certified Organic) Pkt - 100 seeds
Thyme, English (Thymus vulgaris; Certified Organic) Pkt - 70 seeds
Kitchen Garden Herb Collection (includes 30 packs each of Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Marjoram, Thyme.)

I have some seeds left over from last year, too. But they are WAY the shit across the kitchen, and I don't want to pick through them just now. 

I had considered beans, carrots, pumpkin, onion... but, for me, these things are so easily purchased locally for so CHEAP, that it doesn't really make sense for me to struggle with growing them. I have a limited amount of space, even though I'm pretty good at using it wisely. It's a bonus to live in an area with so many local farmers and growers.

Many of the greens and herbs are going to go into my tower garden inside, as soon as I get them. The Tower Garden is currently filled with growing lettuce and mesclun mix, plus a few tomato plants, and there's a basil plant in there too. But, soon it'll be time to eat what's there, and start new. Except for the tomato, ofcourse, which probably won't give me fruit until March.

I also want to get my hands on some flowers. Not necessarily for my garden space, as I tend to FAIL miserably with flowers here - but for my BOYFRAND. Or, my "Ol' Man"... hehehe. (Holy shit, I have an Ol' Man. You have no idea what a bizarre concept this is for me, after the last long year. I digress.) Anyway, my Ol' Man mentioned LAST spring that he wants a little garden in his wee little back patio area. So, I'm going to scrounge and beg flower seeds from my goodest friends. I do have quite a bit of seeds for morning glories, and I think some little purple things.. but I'm thinking Holly Hocks. All easy things to grow.

It's late. I have JOY tomorrow, and I'm not even close to ready for bed yet. I'm all high on seeds.

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heather said...

I have the flower seedz you are looking for - and even some perennial herbs to share. We will converse on this.