Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Garden Organically in your Home with Success

Using a seed starter tray in the house can be tricky business. You've got to keep the moisture just right, or you'll run into issues that can kill your seedlings. The Tower Garden that I've just made a home for, is pretty simple, but I really wanted to see how simple it was. 

With the Rock Wool starter cubes that come with a Garden Tower, many of the regular problems are eliminated with indoor starting. Also vermiculite is included with a Garden Tower, to help the seedlings stay just moist enough to germinate in the house, and grow successfully. These little guys were planted about 3 days ago, and are already germinating. what you are seeing is a row of Certified Organic Mesclun Mix from The Cottage Gardener popping up.

This mixed package contains Arugula, Russian Red Kale, Osaka Purple mustard green, Tatsoi mustard green, Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce, Red Salad Bowl lettuce and Persian Cress. Lots of FANTASTIC greens to add to our daily diet. And, although I know there will be some cold frames in my future for growing this stuff later and earlier in the season that I normally do - It's going to be excellent to have it earlier.

AND like I said... I want to see and show that this is really a viable option for people who can't garden, but still want to be in control of their food sources.

There's also some Kale getting a little jump up there.

I am feeling extremely confident about this experiment. It helps that I've seen it in action, and tasted the food off of one, in person. I'll be writing more as this experiement continues.

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