Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day Two Juice Plus Challenge

Day 2

*Cup o' Tea. Milk and Honey. You're going to see this a lot.
*Juice Plus Smoothie 1 cup Almond milk + 1/4 cup water + 27g (scoop to the line.) chocolate Juice Plus Complete. Added a handful of frozen strawberries from the summer.

I totally missed my mid morning snack. Ugh. But Lunch was early.
*Half of a "Beef dip" sandwich at Boston Pizza, and the side salad.
*Cup o' Tea
So. Full.

Mid Aft Snack:
* Hand full of almonds
*A breakfast muffin (the ones I made, and had yesterday too.)
*Left over veggie burger (plain, no bun or condiments.)
*More tea. I am seeing a disturbing trend here.
**One capsule each of Orchard Blend and Garden Blend, taken with a measured cup of water.

**Juice Plus Smoothie 1 cup Almond milk + 1/2 cup water + 27g (scoop to the line.) chocolate Juice Plus Complete. Added a whole banana. This  made the shake a lot more than it usually is, but it was filling.

Evening Snack:
I'm replacing my missed morning snack in the evening. I actually get quite hungry in the evening and for months have been in the hobbit habit of "second dinner." If I don't eat, I will wake by 1am extremely hungry. My regular bedtime is usually no earlier than 11pm. Evening snack happens around 9pm

So, yesterday evening I started feeling unwell. I know this is because I didn't get enough calories in me during the day! Writing this stuff down has really opened my eyes to how I treat my body, and what I expect it to run on. I also didn't drink enough water yesterday. My guts were hurting because of this. I know that for me, I can't treat my smoothies as a DRINK during the day, I have to regard it as food. That's how my body is treating it. So, today I drank more water, (although it didn't get written down, as I drank all day.) but More water is a habit I'm going to have to get into and reinforce.

I also eat small portions - this is my habit, and what makes my body happy. So I'll just have to consciously make my evening snack/"Second Dinner" something sensible.

Day 2 down. I am learning things!


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