Saturday, September 1, 2012

I love the Bookses.

So, in light of all the new books that have come to me, I decided to clean and reorganize my giant bookshelves. I had about 50 or so books up beside my bed, about 20 just floating around the house... and I generally like my books in some sort of order, so that when I want to reference them, they are easy to find...

That being said, I have a lot more 'reference' type books than fiction. Although there are a few shelves of beloved fiction that I will never give up. I moved all the stuff, made some of the pixies books more accessable to them (on a lower shelf) and put some other stuff in their reach that I wouldn't mind them looking at. It's funny that most of the stuff out of their reach is fiction - Stephen King, some classic stuff that I don't think they are ready to process yet..

Once I had them all together, I also noticed I seem to have a lot more books on Writing then I thought. A lot more on writing then on business....

 Made some space for my brass cauldron, my two new abalone shells, and all the feathers, sage, tobacco, oils, and other witchy goodies I have had floating around here. Those are all up tall on the shelves too.
Sooo.... This satisfies me.

I love the bookses.


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Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

I am envious of your bookshelves.