Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Weeks Book Score!

So... As much as I was not going to buy ALL THE THINGS at the Thrift Store ... some PRETTY AWESOME books came in.. and, I mean, they're BOOKS. There's nuthin' evil or bad about books, right? Books are teachers and they are friends and they are YUMMY YUMMY GOODNESS. So, these are MOST of the books that I got this week.

Small Quilt Crafts and Scrap Fabric Crafts. 
Because even though I can't get to any of my crafting projects or materials, I
still figure someday I WILL get there.

The Britannica Guide to Climage Change: An unbiased guide to the key issue of our age. (This title made me laugh, but I decided I would try to be unbiased of their unbiased interpretation and presentation of the topic.)
An Inconvenient Truth. 
I have never read it, but I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy reading both of these titles together, to see both of their unbiased viewpoints. (Goddess, so many jokes in here...)

National Geographic "Essential Visual History of World Mythology" This one is going beside the bed, poste haste. It's mostly pictures.
The History of The Kings of Britain - Geoffrey of Monmouth.
Now, I've read some stuff by Geoffrey of Monmouth (if indeed, dear Geof wrote any of these, but that's another story for later...) And the reading is sandpaper-cat-tongue dry. No pictures at all.  However, there's something perverse in me that just laps up the challenge. (See what I did there? See?)

People of the Earth - An Introduction to World Prehistory. I believe this is an actual highschool text book. My brain WANTED it. PLEASE LORI, GET IT FOR ME??

The Millennium Book of Prophecy. There was a little voice in me that begged for this one, too.

Beyond Good and Evil - Friedrich Nietzsche. Just because I feel I should. 

Now THIS little number, I am VERY excited about. It might have been D.T. Howard, but it also could have been Robin Pittman, but it also could have been Chiron Mullins... one of these men, when they were 17 or so, told me they were reading this, and it sounded INCREDIBLY interesting. When I touched this book, I let out one of those little excited "eep!" noises in the store. Out loud. And could explain to no one why I was so excited. 
The story: man goes back in time to meet Jesus, but because he goes back, He screws everything up... Jesus is now Simple (as in, from an Amazon review, a "drooling, salivating imbecile." I can't believe that after 20 years, this has fallen into my hands. Yay, Science Fiction.

From Instruction to Delight: An Anthology of Children's Literatuire to 1850 and Childrens Writers' and Artists' Yearbook 2007. Because I write and draw and stuff...

The Practice of Writing. Again, I write. I also read a lot about writing.

This... because it made me giggle. And I hoped there'd be some new light bulb moment stuck in the pages, that would be worth the .50 cents I paid for the book.

Ok... all this writing about books makes me want to read all the books! There are no less than 40 books beside my bed right now... I just loves da books!


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