Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shuffling Pink Basement, Looking for Craft Room.

I started cleaning the basement... again. In an attempt to carve a creative sewing/gluing/arting space. Corey commented after I had been down there some time, and came up to make whiny defeatest faces... that it must be something like this:
Move a little thing here, shuffle another thing there, move something else in it's place, slide that table over here, now get all the things you just moved and put them in another place... none of which will be it's permanent home.

So, THIS corner here is where I moved what will hopefully be a place to craft. Bins full of finished and unfinished, and material... stuffs... tables and shelves.

 Here is a different view of it. A little tiny walkway.

THIS is where I shuffled all of this stuff FROM. This also gives you a fantastic view of what my WALLS look like. They stuffed 'em and left. (I'm in a rental where I'm not allowed to make any changes myself. So, I get to try and live with puffy pink walls. Nothing can sit flush against the wall.)

THIS is a single blank spot that will most likely get filled as I deal with all of the rest of the art stuff and TOY stuff in this basement. (hard concrete floor. The paint has come up with floods and mopping over the years.

Wall of Barbie. There are bins and bins of dolls, clothes, and all the things she comes with. Also, Polly Pockets, baby stuff, kitchen play, puppets, dress up and don't forget the STUFFIES.
I'm tired. I want to paint and feel light and free. This basement is going to have to bend to my will and become something light and airy.. somehow... without a window...

I think I was down there for 2 or 2.5 hours. I lost track. I just can't do it anymore today.
I'm going to buy a lotto ticket, and with any luck I'll win, then I can buy a big house with a big big airy room for me to mess up with crafts. One I can paint, and have open windows, and it will be mine! And Barbies will have their own dang room, too.



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norma said...

the Barbies are really excited about this!( they don't usually get their own room)