Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr. God, This is Lori.

While digging through a shopping cart full of books today at work, this one popped out... and I made a rather loud noise of happiness - something you might expect more from a goose-like creature than a shop-girl type creature.

I read this book when I was 5. (yes, you read that correctly. 180 pages written for adults. Have I not bragged enough about my childhood super-genius IQ?) And it had an incredible impact on me. I would sneak it off the metal shelf (with the bottom painted or printed with a wood print.) and read it - then slide it back into it's spot, remembering the page I was last on, for next time. It took me about a week to read through.

 At one point my mom came into the livingroom and 'caught' me reading it. I thought for sure I'd be in trouble, as it was just a LITTLE higher on the shelves, which always implied that I shouldn't look in it. My reasoning was, it's ABOUT a 4 year old girl, so it should be ok. She simply asked me "Are you reading that?" I'm not sure how I responded, but I do recall that Mom probably didn't believe I was, and therefore I was in the clear.

Anyway, I LOVED this book. (Although I DO recall being a little concerned that a grown man finds a 4 year old and DOESN'T bother to try and find her parents before bringing her home to raise... ) When my mom and dad split, I only remember visiting my dad at the old house once - and finding the book was gone.

The memory faded a bit, and though I remembered the picture and the cover of the book, I couldn't remember the title  - Dear God? Oh God? It's Anna? I am Anna?

I'm 38 now. And on and off through the years, I've asked that this book come across my hands, if it's meant to be so. I'm just elated to have it.

I wonder if it will take me longer than a week to get through this time. You know, having a few more things to do in life, beyond watching Sesame Street, waiting for lunch, and napping.

I had to share. I'm so excited.


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