Wednesday, July 11, 2012


One day at a time. One calculated, agenda driven day.
I'm ok with that right now.

Mornings: Hit snooze. Maybe twice. Roll out. 20 minutes of yoga on the bedroom floor. Make my ViSalus shake, brew tea, find food for pixies. Hit Facebook. Make my lunch for work. Remember to brush teeth.

Afternoons: Usually at work. 9:30 to 5. Be silly, have fun, get work done, eat all the snacks, try not to watch the clock.

Evenings: He makes the dinner. I sit online for half an hour and gap out. Pixies dance around me. Eat the dinner, and say thank you. Crafty with pixies. (or movie with pixies. or, pixies please go play somewhere else because you are hopped up on goofballs and your energy is enormous.) Pixies to bed, remember to brush teeth. Get on tarot line. Do readings. Stretch legs, feed rabbits that will find a different belly to sit in. More readings. Random surfing. 1am? oh, bed time.

Repeat. Throw a shower in there every now and again.

Afternoons not at work? Laundry. Long Bath. distractions with pixies, most likely involving music. Weed garden, water garden, library.

I had a point when I started this blog. But it's nearly midnight. I have lost focus.

Ah well. It entertained me for a few minutes. Scheduled that in: Entertainment.

Oh yes. Now I remember.
Things to look forward to! Things to plan. Planning. I haven't done it in a while, or looked forward to anything in a bit... so..

*Applied for another bursary for the University Certificate I'm working towards. (Sustainable Urban Agriculture.) so that I can take the next course in fall. Gives me hope. Makes me feel hopeful.

*Doing readings again has fuelled me. I hadn't done any in months. Sometimes when that happens I feel like I've lost it... or lost something important. Last few days have been all fueled fire.

*After a home study self course thing... I was looking for my Second Act... what is it that I really love doing and want to do NOW?? After doing the whole thing, I realized I WAS doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. Crafty, readings, Gypsy behavior at market selling the crafty things and doing readings.. and doing READINGS! Parties, phone, and STILL in some LITTLE PLACE that will be my own. I was feeling so lost, looking for what ever it is that I felt I was supposed to be moving towards, in letting go of my studio... So weird.

*Working on earning the extra money that pixie is going to require for all that mouth. Working on the extra I'll need for the Big Tall Boys Mouth. (wisdom teeth. They're coming out soon. I'll need $325 for the knock 'em out drugs.) Working. A lot. I hope I fit some summer in here somewhere.

*Day 4, no meat. So far, so good.

*Day 4, Yoga every morning. Also bought some dumbells for my arms. ($1.99 at the thrift shop.) Looking for a routine for the rest of me, that I can do at home. I'll have to put diagrams on the wall, or find a youtube channel to follow along with.

*Getting back into the crafty, thanks to the pixies. For the first time ever, they have shown interest and are sitting for a few hours and working along with me. Fab.

Ok... again... lost my train of thought. Getting late. IM has been quiet. Might 'clock out' a little earlier than 1am.


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