Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bucket List - Updated.

Drove by the old studio tonight, and it has been rented out. There was a moment of deep regret. And then a moment where I thought "I guess this is the thing that is going to MAKE me let it go. It belongs to someone else now." I must move on. There is change I must embrace.

list of things that MUST be accomplished:

*Get the littlest pixie the orthodontics she NEEDS - without having any dental coverage. 
*Get to Nova Scotia for at LEAST a 2 week stretch, but preferably 4 weeks - to hang with all my relatives, now that we're grown ups. Because I was 10 the last time I was there, and that it's a tragedy that it's been so long.
*Make a living out of DANCING (with or without clothing. I'm not picky. Although the 'without' clothing window may be getting smaller.) I am also happily willing to do more dancing for the pure joy of it. But cash would be nice. See first point.)
*Write and get the novel PUBLISHED. This will contribute to my bohemian lifestyle. The novel could be fiction, fantasy, or smut. Don't care really, as long as it is well loved. And brings royalties. (See first point.)
*Get to a small village in the UK, and spend a 4 week stretch there completely alone. Writing, preferably. Again, fiction, fantasty, or smut. Not picky.
*Figure out how to have a WHOLE life with the pixies. Seriously. They are almost 10 and just 11, and I still don't know how to do this. I have MY life, and then my life with THEM. So divided. Maybe if they were belly dancing, tambourine smackin' gypsy's too? Do you think they would embrace living in a travelling company this late in the game??? Maybe they are the perfect age for it? I think expansion on this idea will need a blog of it's own.
*Do more acting. Preferably as the 'bad guy.' or the ' Old Broad.'  I've got a face for it. Heh. (oh yes, get paid for this acting also. See first point.)
*Have lots of time for Yoga. Have lots of time for napping and dreaming. Have lots of time for digging in the dirt.

I'm sure I have things to add to this list. I just can't think of what they are right now. It's pretty warm in here....


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