Monday, July 2, 2012

I Guess I"m a Vegetarian...

I feel as if I have failed.

I don't like failing.

My rabbits are 18 weeks old now. And I have yet to cull one. The day I had earmarked for this thing, Just as I was ready, the neighbours came home. That's all I need, is for them to see that. (There's no love lost there.)

Now, the kids are home from school. There's no way I'm going to be able to do this with them around. This is a big friggin' deal in my head. I need space and time and organization. I'm not getting it.

So, I'm really pissed. And sad. and angry. Not one of them are on board with this - my family that lives in this house. But not one of them have an issue with gobbling down a hamburger, or a steak, or picking the bones off a chicken carcass. And I figure, this is the thing that will make me a vegetarian. Seriously. Because it's incredibly hypocritical to not be able to follow through with this thing, and still consume animal.

What sense does it make if I cook up a meal and NO ONE eats it, because suddenly THIS doesn't work for them? To have gone through all the work that this has been , to have all of them turn their noses up, is a kick in the teeth.

I've listed all the rabbits on Kijiji. I'm angry about it. As in, FIGHTING mad. I feel separated from everyone under this roof at the moment.

Maybe I'll feel rational about this at some day.
That day is not today.


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