Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch meeeee

From January 18th...

Yesterday, a well made up lady dressed in a very fluffy blonde fur coat and walking in heeled boots, in full make up and hair stood behind me. Then she moved besde me, waiting on the corner of King and Hugel, to cross to the Valu Mart. She nearly crossed on the wrong light, using the lights audio cue instead of looking at the lights. She looked at me, why was I not crossing, and realized her mistake.

Me, in my blue "kay way" pants, the ripped bottom hidden under my mens green little-too-large coat, red hood/toque, topped with my greenish hat, cream ratty mittens and solid winter-walking black boots. My back pack has been extremely full. If anyone were to judge the cover my book has been wearing... well, the thought makes me laugh.

This perfumed lady started chatting with me. Ofcourse, the language I use reveals me as I am underneath these mismatched layers. She continued to chat across the road. I walked beside her incase she needed catching, in those impractical and no doubt expensive boots on the slick and slippery cross.

She was SO made up. But, I smiled at her first, and I suppose that opened her up. Once we crossed and I was sure she was steady, I picked up my normal walking pace and turned into Valu Mart.

I thought about how she decided not to snub me or judge me, made eye contact and smiled as easily as I had, based on my image.

But, I think I may have judged her, based on how she looked. Better than me? Or just a well put together cover??

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